What To Take To The Hospital!

What To Take to The Hospital

This is always a hard thing to fiqure out but I put a list together to help new mothers: Here are a few must have things to take to the hospital when you are having a new baby.

First you have the labor and delivery room: For this room:

1. A camera or video recorder to make sure you get all your memories on film.

2. A watch or some type of clock to time your contractions. Make sure the watch or clock has a second hand or timer.

3. Massages are very helpful when you are going through labor:  Powder, lotions, oils, even a tennis ball for lower back massages.

4. Some people use a small paper bag to breathe in during contractions.

5. Socks are a must have because the room is always cold.

6. Hairbrush if you want your hair to look nice on film and you care about that, because your hair will get messy.

7. Snacks for the people in the room because you don’t want a cranky and hungry hubby.

8. Some people bring champagne or cigars but that is a personal thing.

These are items for the actual Room you will be Staying in:

1. Toiletries – this includes shampoo, your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant ,lotions, brush, makeup, shampoo, perfume.

2.Bring a nightgown and a robe. the hospital will provide you with one but it is always nice to have your own., makes you feel more like home.

3.If you prefer your own maxi pads bring them, even though the hospital will provide bulky uncomfortable ones.

4. Have something to read or crossword puzzles, cards etc.

5.Some people like to bring their own snacks to the hospital, because hospital food is not the best and they like a filler.

6.Have some clothes to go home in but keep in mind you will still have some pregnancy weight.

7.The baby will need a outfit also. this is always a lot of fun. pick out something cute but  warm if it is cold out side and a blanket also, bring sock or booties also bring some extra diapers, in your new diaper bag which should have all cleaning essentials in it.

8. Don’t forget the car seat for the baby, believe it or not a lot of parents forget. This is so important for your baby, also the baby rides in the back seat facing backwards.

Congratulations and Good Luck on Your Big Day!



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