Miscarriages-My Personal Story

I wanted to touch on a subject that I mentioned during my “About me”   Blog but didnt get to finish talking about. It is on the more serious tone so if that is not your cup of tea I understand. It is important for me to talk about though:


Miscarriages is one of the most common reasons that women want to rent or own a Fetal Doppler. It is a piece of mind knowing that your baby is okay, that you can hear the heartbeat. You have the control of being able to have a device that can check your baby’ s heart beat at 2am. At least that is the reason I had to have a Fetal Doppler for myself after I had a miscarriage. My miscarriage was supposedly a common one called a Blighted Ovum. This is where the gestational sac develops but there is nothing inside, basically no heartbeat. So you can imagine when I went for my checkup at 8 weeks to 10 weeks to check for the heartbeat and there wasn’t one you are crushed.

The doctor said it was a chromosomal issue usually so it was not meant to be. When this happens, either way it is very hard emotionally. Especially when you have been trying for several years. He also said that Blighted Ovums rarely happen twice so Picture 051I have nothing to worry about. Well he was wrong. I ended up having three of them. I had one before my daughter. Then two in a row and a chemical miscarriage all before my son. My doctor was so confused on how I could have so many Blighted Ovums. He tried to tell me to have faith that things will work out, but I was gaining weight due to the hormones and the miscarriages I was having. It was a bad time. I wasn’t sure I was meant to have a third child. When I got pregnant again my progesterone level was so low that my doctor told me a miracle would have to happen for this pregnancy to make it. I got on progesterone suppositories right away. I think my level was like a 10, but they took my blood-work in two days and a miracle did happen it jumped to 18, and my pregnancy held. So remember progesterone supplements really do work and of course a lot of prayer.

I just want to tell people that are struggling with miscarriages to not give up, God has a plan for all of us. Even when we are at our lowest and we aren’t sure things will work out they turn around when we least expect it. I never even thought I could get pregnant with all the Endometriosis I had. But I fought through it and have three beautiful children. So don’t give up and put your Faith in Jesus.Thanks for reading I hope my detail of my miscarriages helps. Also if you are pregnant and need a Doppler please go to my website www.babysheart.com



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Please remember I am not a doctor or nurse this is my personal experience and only my opinion, please consult a physician if you are in need of medical attention.


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