Quick Overview of Dopplers

Fetal Dopplers and Tips

The Baby’s Heart Lite Doppler is one of the most popular baby heart monitors used worldwide by the obstetric community. It is an FDA approved 2 MHz fetal Doppler used for early detection of your baby’s heartbeat. The manufacture and physicians alike recommend this Doppler to be used for larger body types during pregnancy. Our Lite Baby’s Heart Fetal Monitor can detect the fetal heart beat as early as 10 weeks and is just as sensitive as any other fetal monitor being used by expectant mothers. It uses the same technology as the most sophisticated Doppler’s on the market. A Lot of mothers like it because it is so “lite” but it picks up the heartbeat very well. If you are looking for a little more durable Doppler I would recommend the Standard Doppler by Baby’s Heart.

With our advanced technology Standard Unit, you can achieve the reassurance, that you deserve during your pregnancy, and share the joy of your pregnancy with your family and friends. This Doppler uses a 3MHz probe. The heartbeat with this Doppler can be picked up once again around the 10th week. With these Doppler’s there is not a LCD monitor so you have to count the beats per minute, but it is very simple . Count the heartbeat for 10 seconds and multiply by 6.

With the Baby’s Heart Doppler Display Unit you can listen to the reassuring sound of your baby’s heartbeat in the privacy of your own home just like the other units with one exception. This unit uses the same advanced technology as the Standard Unit, with the added advantage of having your baby’s heart rate displayed on a digital LCD display.This Doppler uses a 3MHz probes.

With all Doppler’s your heart rate will vary between 60-90 beats per minute and your baby’s will be between 120-180 beats per minute. As your baby grows , it’s heart rate will gradually slow. Just like us, depending on how active your baby is, the heart rate will change from time to time.

When using the Doppler’s use the ultrasound gel provided for you by Baby’s Heart, if you run out you can purchase more at your local pharmacy. Early on (10-12 weeks it is helpful to have a full bladder) before trying to find the heartbeat.

Positioning is also important or you will pick up your own heartbeat. Start in line with the belly button and right above the pubic hairline is the best place to position it. As your baby grows you will need to slowly move the probe higher in order to locate your baby’s heartbeat. However , you will never find the heartbeat higher than your belly button.

Think of the probe as a flashlight and tilt it slightly to help pick up sounds in a wider area. This will increase your success rate of hearing the heartbeat quicker, and more sounds like hiccups and movements etc.

I hope this has been informative . I am not a doctor, but this is information that I have learned as a business owner and as a Doppler user myself.

Elizabeth Williams-Mother of Three




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