Parenting is a Challenge Everyday But is Worth EveryBit of It!

I have three Beautiful kids and parenting can definitely be a challenge.

 Sometimes you completely leave your head at home, because there is too much stress that day. Then you remember how much these kids mean to you,Parenting and why you wanted to be a mom. That there are going to be days like this, but there are going to be other days that you will just sit on the couch and curl up and watch a movie with your kids. Those are the great days.

Or the days you take them to see a waterfall and they play in the water and smile until their hearts delight. Even just surprising them with smore’s one weekend and using the microwave to heat the marsh-mellows. They don’t care its the experience that they want.That’s what we call Parenting.

I really try to¬† think about the little moments and some big moments that bring smiles to my children’s faces when things are bad and are in turmoil. Because everyone goes through hard-times it is just inevitable. We have to concentrate on the small moments in life to get us through the stress of life. At least that is what I recommend. So remember next time you are having a meltdown or just had enough, try to remember the best day you and your children have had recently and hold on to that. And know that there will be many more of those moments.It is the best of Parenting.

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