A Little Something About Me!




A Little Something About Me:



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After four years of marriage my husband and I started to plan for our family. Unfortunately we ran into some fertility issues because of my Endometriosis. We eventually went to a specialist and were able to conceive after 2 years of trying to have our first child.  I had an early miscarriage, and it left me very emotional.

We decided to try again as soon as medically possible and conceived again. This time I was so anxious because of the miscarriage. I would count the days to my next ob visit just to hear the heartbeat. At 34 weeks after going through birthing classes my daughter decided to Flip. “WoW! Thanks Honey Love you. But you are Really Stressing me out.” The Doctor wanted me to TURN Her. He was Like well there is a small chance of Miscarriage, if you don’t wait and do a C-section. I Told him I will Definitely Wait and do the C-section. And What do They say once a C-section Always a C-section. More on that Later.Well my Daughter was Born at 36 weeks she just couldn’t Wait!

A Little Something About Me:

. My second pregnancy came very quickly after my daughter was born, because we didn’t want to risk the Endometriosis causing problems again. Much to our surprise we conceived quickly and everything went well during that pregnancy. Again, I was very anxious during this pregnancy because I had to wait until my OB appointment to hear my baby’s heartbeat. I looked everywhere for a device I could use at home but the only one I could find was a unit that was poorly engineered. I could never get it to work, all I heard was static, never a clear heartbeat.

After my second little girl was born, By The Way she came Early also at 36 weeks. we decided to try for a third time. I just love children! This did not go as well. We were able to conceive but I had another early miscarriage. So we tried again, another miscarriage, and a third time, the same thing, an early miscarriage. At this point I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through this again, so we waited a year.

We decided to try one more time. We conceived, but I was so concerned about having another miscarriage, that I found myself going to the OB every other week just to check the heartbeat. That is when I did some research, and I told myself, I didn’t care what it cost, there has to be a listening device for home use that was better than what I found before. Also you can’t use some of these devices until your 20th week.

After more research and consulting with my Father-In-Law, who happens to be a Physician, I finally found a device that worked. I obtained my Doppler and picked up the heartbeat right away. I could also hear the movements and kicks of the baby. Being able to identify the heartbeat and movements right around my 10th week was so reassuring to me and my husband. It also allowed him to bond with the baby.
I Did have quite a miracle with my son being conceived at such low progesterone levels that my doctors told me it would be a miracle if I was able to keep the pregnancy. I did and I named him Matthew “Gift from God” Even though All our Children Are Gifts from God. Matthew was very difficult to conceive and I felt as though his  name fit him well after three miscarriages before him. I don’t tell a lot of people this but I want people to understand that the power of prayer does work. I Prayed to God after my last fertility treatment and that is when I got pregnant with Matthew.
After everything I went through trying to find this technology years ago, my husband and I both felt like this kind of product would be a huge benefit to women. After month’s of research and preparation – Baby’s Heart is our answer to addressing this need.

We are so excited about other parents being able to enjoy the increased sense of calm, peace of mind and enjoyment that we found during my last pregnancy. We also wanted to build a business that truly helps pregnant women and their families. I hope my story will help other women that is why I share it. Endometriosis is such a problem that is effecting so many woman and we don’t really know where it comes from.Hopefully we can find a cure for it one day.

Bragging rights
Three Great Kids Who I love and Cherish!
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