“A simple child, That lightly draws its breath, And feels its life in every limb, What should it know of death?”
— William Wordsworth


International Children's Heart Foundation

The Baby’s Heart Lite Doppler is one of the most popular baby heart monitors used worldwide by the obstetric community. It is an FDA approved 2 MHz fetal doppler used for early detection of your baby’s heart beat. The manufacture and physicians alike recommend this doppler to be used for larger body types during pregnancy. Our Lite Baby’s Heart Fetal Monitor can detect the fetal heart beat as early as 8 weeks and is just as sensitive as any other fetal monitor being used by expectant mothers. It uses the same technology as the most sophisticated dopplers on the market. In fact it is the lowest priced 2MHz Doppler you can rent. You may purchase this doppler but you must let us know of your intent to buy before you rent so we can apply your monthly rental towards the purchase of your doppler.

Our Baby’s Heart Lite Unit ships with a FREE 2 oz tube of Ultrasound Gel. Our Doppler's include FREE SHIPPING (see shipping page for details).

$20.00 per month
$17.00 per 3 months
$14.00 per 6 months

$125.00 purchase

Baby's Heart Lite

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